"All the world's a stage."
~William Shakespeare

I have engineered and directed live video productions from Florida to Alaska and Hawaii to Maine. I am always looking for a new challenge and I would love to help on your next project.

Current co-operatives.

Little Rock Drone Pilot

Remote pilot in command for hire. Keep your drone operations safe and legal with an FAA licensed drone pilot.

Little Rock HD live shot studio

Little Rock's premiere HD liveshot studio, on call 24/7, it's never too late to book.

Little Rock Concealed Carry Classes

Duke Boyne and I formed Little Rock Concealed Carry so that you could have a safe, informed, experienced, professional, and handsome team of individuals, who are prepared to train and qualify you to carry your handgun in a confident and legal manner. CCW classes in Arkansas.

Dixon Digital Media

I shoot and edit for Randy Dixon who most recently served as KATV's news director for the last decade. The result is a combination of commercial and high-energy news story. One customer described it as an "ad-umentary."

ShowCom LLC

Arkansas based web production and content delivery. Webcasting via satellite, broadband or EVDO. On site video engineering and system design to streamline your live production. Featuring technology pioneered by Matt Lee.

Sonic Motion Media

I have the pleasure of working with Jeff Woodard on the Super Retriever Series. We also work closely with satellite and fiber services providers in our area and can broadcast live or instantly feed your footage from any location.

Your Gig Box

Backstage access to the life of a roadie. Post your wanted items on the Hit List. Pics and deals abound.

Current clients.

Daniel A. Webb - Attorney at Law

CDL traffic tickets, Social Security, disability, ERISA, personal injury & workers comp, wills & probate, family law, basic business related services, and criminal defense.

Red Beauty Lounge

Cuts, colors, blow-outs, extensions, spray tans, beauty supplies and more in Little Rock, Arkansas. Definitely the best hairdressers in Little Rock.

Pheasant hunting in Arkansas

C.W. Toombs has been guiding pheasant hunts for 14 years, 4 of those with Duxmen Outfitters. He was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas and started hunting the same area when he was 7 years old.

Acupuncture by Jamie

Acupuncture and massage can enrich your health and your sense of well-being.

Commercial property in Northwest Arkansas

Jeff Pederson has been servicing the commercial real estate needs of the people and business in NWA for several years now as well as assisting companies large and small, local and international with an interest in moving to NWA.

3Ring Sports

3Ring Sports is an organization dedicated to helping individuals train and improve their skills in various sports and activities! For all levels of ability.

Oklahoma Acupuncture Association

The Oklahoma Acupuncture Association is an alliance of Acupuncture professionals founded in 1987.

Thomas Dental & Eye

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our patients and ourselves by achieving wellness through exceptional esthetic and functional dentistry.

Sherpa of Science

Time is now! Begin your preparations, the message is clear.
Analog synth kits coming soon.

Ron Blome Productions

Ron Blome is a familiar name and face on national and local television. Based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, Ron has an award winning list of projects that mark his long career in story-telling on broadcast television and for corporate and government clients.

Experience is a good school.

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Hailstone Creek Productions
Location audio and video support for CBS, NBC, Weather Channel and more. Fiber and LTN live shot studio.

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MP Productions
After nearly a decade on the road it's time to shift gears. From Hell to high water I have covered a lot of ground with these folks.

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I.A.T.S.E. #354
It take all kinds of skills to put on a show. In addition to the standard stagehand skill set I learned a lot about teamwork.

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TES Productions
Mike Frankenburger has forgotten more than I will ever know. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best.

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Music Sound World
The legendary Randy Genet gave me a shot back in 1993 and my life has never been the same. Here's to small businesses everywhere, may they never go out of style.

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The Brady Theater
Opened in 1914 to the tune of $125,000. The Tulsa Convention Hall later evolved into The Old Lady of Brady. The 10 best years of love and hate with Peter Mayo.