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Commercial video production.

The power of nine regional Emmys, 22 regional and four national Edward R. Murrow awards, more than four dozen Associated Press awards and three Gold World Medals is yours when you commision Dixon Media. Dixon Media

Catalyst Media Server for rent or hire.

Loaded with the latest Catalyst media software and over 200GB of Hi Definition and Standard Definition moving backgrounds. Suitable for use as part of an HD or SD video system. MORE Catalyst info

PowerPoint to Video conversion.

Ever wonder why your PowerPoint presentation looks great on your computer, but is hard to read in certain situations? Are the edges not showing upon the screen? The colors not as vivid? Did you know that computers and TVs use different signals to display images? Composite, S-video, and component video are all variations of regular NTSC TV. Computers use a "Hi-Res" signal with separate sync channels. This can lead to sizing and color issues when displaying computer images on TV or projectors. Download your titlesafe template for Keynote here.

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Remote web production and content delivery.

Webcasting via Satellite, broadband or EVDO. EVDO webcasting utilizes a high gain grid antenna and RF amplifier. This combined with tower and topographical surveys allows the best possible connection in the field. On site video engineering and system design to streamline your live production. MORE Webcast info

Mobile Pro Tools and IZ Radar system.

64 Tracks-at-once Pro Tools Recording at 24 Bit/48k. Mix up to 128 tracks in the Branson, MO area. MORE ProTools info

Cammate and Jimmy Jib rental.

Camera jibs allow for shots that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Take your production to the next level with a jib! MORE jib info

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