Now hear this.

"Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound." ~David Lynch

Location audio / sound recordist / field audio / eng audio / field recordist / wild sound in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.
Have mic, will travel.

Field mixer-eng kit:

Main kit:

Mixer: Sound Devices 664 4.6.1 firmware.
Lavs: 3 Sennheiser EW 100 G3 kits* w/2 Countryman EMW mics and one standard mic. (A block)
Boom: 1 Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 (G block) w/ Audio-Technica AT835b line-gradient mic.
IFB: 2 Sennheiser EK 300 IEM (G block) with with Shure in-ears, or bring your own 3.5mm earpiece.
1 K-Tek KEG88CC boom pole.
Sony MDR-7506 headphones.
2 VariZoom NP1 Li-Ion batteries with charger.
*SMA antenna mods by Allistair Johnson. (A block 516-558 MHz) (G block 566-608 MHz)

Auxillary kit:

1 Coles 4104 Commentator's Microphone
1 Audio-Technica AT4053 hypercardioid.
2 Electro-Voice RE50/B omnidirectional microphones.
2 Countryman EMW omnidirectional laveliers with PSC Universal power supplies.
2 Shure WL184 supercardioid laveliers.
FOR SALE 1 Lectrosonics** H187/CR187 (182.200 mHz).
FOR SALE 2 Lectrosonics** M185/CR185 (169.505 & 171.045 mHz).
Filmtools camera slate.
1 VDB boom pole.
1 desk stand with pop filter kit.
Sennheiser HD 201 headphones
1 PC DI.
**units refurbished by Jaycee Communications & Electronics Inc in 2014.

Mobile playback/DJ system:

2 JBL SRX835P 3-way powered speakers.
2 JBL SRX812p 2-way powered speakers.
2 Ultimate Support TS100 stands.
2 Proline LST2BK speaker stands.
1 Mackie 802 VLZ3.
1 Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro.

Live/Wild sound mics:

1 AKG D112 (up to 160dB).
2 Audio-Technica AT4050CM5.
1 Electro-Voice 635N/D-B.
2 Shure PG52.
3 Shure SM59.
1 Shure SM54.
1 Shure Microflex 185 cardioid lectern microphone.


Church pulpit-lectern.
FOR SALE 2 Presonus Firepods, 16 tracks of 24bit/48kHz.
Honda EU2000i 1,600 VA 120 volt generator.
2 Matthews C-stands with sandbags and fishpole adapters.
1 GG14 pole.
Packing/sound blankets.
Various and sundry cables and adapters.

FOR SALE 5 channel Wendt X5 field mixer with bag and break away cable.
FOR SALE 1 Fostex FR-2LE 2-track Memory Field Recorder.
FOR SALE 1 Sony BC-1WB charger with 2 IDX NiMH batteries.
Contact: Lars Turpen

Based out of Little Rock, AR • 501-952-2951